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History vs Hollywood non-AP Project


History 10: Review for Final exam 2015

Some review help: Why was Britain the first to Industrialise 2011

China and Japan Timeline          Meiji Restoration Timeline

Non-AP US History:  Exam 2015 study guide (Chris and Jessica)   and  Abby: Exam 2015 study guide for post1860s (i.e. after the Civil War/from Reconstruction)

-for US History:  you will have 55 MC and 2 essays.  Choose and plan your essays during the 5 minute planning/reading time. Recommended times:  45-50 mins for the MC and about 35 mins per essay.

I will be available for make up’s:

Wednesday (18/3)I will be in our classroom during lunch AND after school but not sure where

Thursday (19/3) I will leave MC tests in the test make up room during lunch AND after school I will leave your essay questions with Mr. Welker

Please e-mail me only if you still have the essay to make up and when you will. OR if you are an AP US student and have something to make up.


To make it easier to find work on my blog, I have set up separate “pages” for my classes.  From now on just click your class page link “History 10” or “AP US History” at the top of the blog.

AND Homework will be in BOLD.


Before we start the New Deal we need to go over some Foreign Policy especially since the DBQ during Friday’s Flex is on that (Ahem!)

USForeignPolicy 1920-1932



Chapter 26 New Deal IDs

The Legacy of the First World War

The Jazz Age or Depression Blues Part 1 and The Jazz Age or Depression Blues Part 2


17 New Deal Alphabet Soup


First New Deal     and     Second New Deal and did the ND end the GrDep

FDR successes and failures

New Deal and Varying Viewpoints

Next: Chapter 27 IDs WWII

Thursday (26/2) we will go over the recent test and essay (and start the presentations -finally!)

Progressive Essay and Student Sample – Joel

Thursday/Monday (26/2 and 2/3) ):  Presentations

Wednesday (4/3) :  Quiz (MC and maybe a Short Answer) on Chapter 23 and Presentations (24-25) and the Causes of the Great Depression – including the Stock Market Crash (end of Ch.25)

Friday (6/3): start Chapter 26 New Deal IDs and questions 2+3