February 24: Treaty of Versailles + start Roaring Twenties presentations

Feb. 26 and March 2:  finish presentations

March 4: Multiple Choice (and maybe a short answer) Quiz on Ch. 23 and the presentations (Chs. 24+25 up to the Stock Market Crash)

March 4,6: Stock Market Crash, Great Depression and the New Deal (end of Ch. 25+26)

March 10,12: finish Ch.26 – The Second World War starts in Europe and Asia (in Ch.26)

Flex (March 13): DBQ

March 16-20: Ch.27-America and the Second World War

March 20 or 24: Multiple Choice and Essay on Chs.25-27 (1929-1945)

March 24-27: Class debate on Atomic Bomb and start Chapter 28 (Origins/Start of the Cold War 1945-1951)

Spring Break: Individually review for May exam + Ch. 29