I have decided what we will do!

Next week (2-6/2):

Monday:  Last of the presentations and wrap up Progressives

Wednesday: Ch.22 From Isolation to Empire IDs & Ques Ids and Ques 1-3 for Weds

American Imperialism .ppt   and Docs for American Imperialism

Friday: MC (Chs.18-22) and Essay (yes an essay NOT a DBQ)

3 possible questions for essay (I will allow a “Skeleton outline” for you to use in class:

Possible Essay Question 1. Evaluate the extent to which Progressives were responsible for change as well as continuity in the United States and it’s role in World Affairs between 1898 and 1914?

Part C of Rubric to focus on “Change and Continuity”

Possibility 2: Compare and Contrast the attitudes of THREE of the following toward the wealth that was created in the United States during the late nineteenth century: Andrew Carnegie, Eugene V. Debs, Ida M. Tarbell, Henry George, William Graham Sumner, Edward Bellamy, Theodore Roosevelt

Part C of Rubric to focus on: “Comparison”

Possibility 3: Evaluate the extent to which the Spanish-American War marked a turning point in American history, analyzing what changed and what stayed the same from the period before the War to immediately following it.

Part C of Rubric to focus on: “Periodization”

Over/After the Break:

Ch.23 (America and the First World War) and Roaring Twenties Project  (both will appear here soon)