Homework for the weekend:  1. Figure out who your assigned individual thinks should take care of the poverty: poor living and working conditions of the poor, how, and to what end?  Use the textbook and Wikipedia.  Karl Marx and Andrew Carnegie we did in class. Monday I will give you 3-5 minutes to share your info with your group members and type it into the google doc.  AND! Figure out where on the spectrum they all belong.

2. Read and complete IDs/take notes on Chapter 20 (see earlier post). Don’t make me do another reading Quiz!!  (I have one ready to go though 🙂

I would like to finish Chapter 20 and 21 next week.

Chapter 19 Project/Presentation Due date is STILL January 27th (23rd for those leaving for THIMUN!) But start working now as we will continue with Chapters 20-21 in the meantime.

Also, this semester we will do less assessments/more content so no room for poor grades – make each test, DBQ and project COUNT!

NOTE: I will do Quizzes, but expect a MC test and DBQ on the last week before break. Our goal by February break is Ch.23 (America and the First World War) and to give you a project on the ROARING Twenties over break.