Plan for next week:

Tuesday: start the Civil War: Chapter 14 CW IDs and Ques (read/notes/id’s and complete questions 1-4, 8-9 for Tuesday’s class)

Use this article for question #1: Johnson and Why the South was doomed to lose

Thursday: finish Civil War

Civil War docs:  12Lincoln-EmancipationProclamationand2ndInaugural

Antietam Battle Reading


Gettysburg Address and 4 other docs

Friday’s FLEX: return DBQ and go over + start Reconstruction: Chapter 15 IDs and Ques (first half of Chapter –  IDs up to “carpetbaggers” and question 1 a.+b. for Friday)


How Radical was Reconstruction


Review for Mock over break (up to and including Reconstruction). After break:

Monday: finish Reconstruction

Wednesday: start Mock Exam in class (3hours and 15mins) – done around 17:00ish

Friday: we’ll start Ch.16 together; i.e. no homework due