Weds (Blocks B+C)/Thursday (Block G+F):  We will go over all 4 Schools of Thought (Buddhism, Legalism, Confucianism, Daoism) – BEFORE THE QUIZ

Block C+G+F make sure that you read the handout on Buddhism and identify the following (Block B – you already did this in class when I was out):  Buddhism and Quotes activity on all 4  (read just the first two pages)

-Founder (Name and who was he)

-When it came to China (approx. dates)

-Basic outlook on life


-How to act with others or treat other people? Why so?

-Summarize briefly the belief system or compare it to the other three


Due Monday/Tuesday: Reading Questions on China Part II but we may start some of it Friday (B+C) but I will not check it until next week


In class material: the tao of pooh

Chinese Schools of Thought ppt

Confucius Introduction Activity

Qing and traditional China ppt

What would Confucius Do