Looks like AP Central has released NEW Rubrics for the new exam!!

Please trash and disregard the rubrics I gave out in class! I will use the new one’s to mark your essays/dbq’s – including Thursdays (look over these before the exam and we will discuss them further during the next FLEX when I will return the DBQs to you)

Here is the rubrics made available to teachers recently that will be used to mark the 2015 and beyond exams:

Essay Rubrics APUSH 2014-15

Note:  DBQ is marked out 7 points and the Long essay out of 6:

7-6 A

5 A-/B+

4 B/B-

3 C+/C

2 C-/D+

1 D/D-

0 F

NOTE for NON-EXAM students: At the moment, I think that I will continue to use the old rubric to mark your essays holistically