Chapter 3 IDs and Ques: Due Monday but we will start it Thursday so complete at least the first column of IDs and ques 1-2 by Thursday

in class:  excerpt+from+Letters+from+an+American+Farmer    THE GREAT AWAKENING and enlightenment

Great Awakening Docs and Ques                        Road to Revolutionppt

Road to Revolution- FrIndWar ppt from Weds

Chapter 4Ids&Ques: Due Wednesday (just IDs)

Test next TuesdayTHURSDAY!  On Chs 3+4  – MC and DBQ (Essay for Non-APs)

-since this is your first one, I will hand out the docs/give the essay question on Friday & will allow for an outline, but you will write your responses in class after the MC