So, this is where you will go for assignments, handouts,ppts and messages from me.

If you are absent check here FIRST then e-mail me if you have questions or don’t see anything.

Also, most of the time I will separate messages/entries by category so make sure that you are reading the message/assignment for the right class (i.e. for History 10 or AP US)!

Find your syllabus below and first day assignments/activities:

History 10: Syllabus History II -2014-15

History II 1800-2000 intro

Unit I Industrial Revolution intro 2011 (Student version)

homework:Enclosure Act Activity (updated with one that has better directions!)  – if this takes you longer than 30mins…stop because you’re doing too much 🙂

AP US: AP US Syllabus 2014-2015  (NonAP US History syllabus)

ChrisColombusLetter  NoAmMapAct blank map of states

homework:  Ch1IDs&Ques (Due Tuesday)  Ch2IDs&Ques (Due Thursday + Quiz on states and 2-3 major rivers)

ALL: don’t forget about the name game!