I am out today….in Rome with the History Club

After finishing the Fidel Castro film, begin reviewing for the Exam by completing the following: Review for final exam activity – One -Pager

The units and an essential question are here: Summary of Units and their Essential Qns

Work together in the following groups:

-Philip, Sophie

-Ema, Caroline

-Robin, Lauren

-Larissa, Alexiane

-Joey, Katerina


Use your notes, review packet, homework, ppts, books, brains  😉   Create a google doc and divide up the 5 of the 6 units between the groups.

Next (and over the weekend) start going through your review packet (also on my blog in an earlier entry) and creating a study guide to review and questions to ask me next week.

…or ask Mr. M about a documentary movie about the Cold War that I know he has 🙂

See you Tuesday!