Two things:

I. Could you please take a few mins. and answer the following questions (anonymously) and drop them into my inbox in classworks “End of the Year Survey and Reflection” (I will set the folder up on Monday morning). This can be done anytime this week – even after the exam.

I really appreciate this thank you!

1.  What activity/lesson/ or type of activity or lesson had the greatest impact on your learning this year in AP US? Why, how or in what way(s)?

2.  Which had the least impact? Or that you enjoyed the least? Why?

3.  Did the projects that included a ppt shared with the rest of the class help in your review for tests and the exam (I mean both parts – completing your proj/ppt and viewing your classmates’)? Why or why not?

4. Anything else that you would like to share with me or point out, or tell my next year’s students of AP US?


II.  I would also like to cover 2 things – the presidencies of Clinton and G.W. Bush AND US Environmental History (trust me! 😉

view the following vid on youtube (12 mins) before class:


See you Monday for the final flex and final class!