Monday: the origins of the Cold War (1941-1949) and Truman, and start the Cold War “Hot Spots” Project

Grand Alliance for AP US

The Cold War for AP US

Hot Spots Project  (error on rubric – it’s out of 20 not 25 points)

BBC: “6 key moments of the Cold War relived”  -you can use these in your pres/proj if you want!

Viewpoints – Did Reagan win the Cold War

Tuesday/Thursday:  Civil Rights  (p. 756-761,769-778) and Eisenhower, JFK and Johnson


Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

Montgomery Bus boycott

Martin Luther King, Jr.

New Frontier

Eisenhower’s Farewell Address/final speech as president

and Ch. 29 IDs -The one’s in bold are related to the project/pres topics

in class:

JFK LBJ Civil rights movement

23 Greensboro Four

next week: 1970s and ’80s  -Environmentalism, Watergate and Reaganomics