Free Response Questions  Topics/Hints for the March 29th Mock Examination (09:00-12:30):

DBQ time period:  anything between 1918 (end of the First World War) and the start of the Cold War (1950)

Possible Essay Topics:

I.        Tensions in Colonial America

ii.         The Greatest of Presidents

iii.      Foreign Policy 1910-1950

iv.       Progressives/ Progressive Reforms and FDR/New Deal Reforms

v.         opposition to the power of the national government

The mock covers up to the first half of Ch.28 up to the Korean War!

ch.28 IDs (first half of the Chapter):

GI Bill of Rights

Taft-Hartley Act

George Kennan

Containment Policy

The Iron Curtain Speech

Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

Berlin Airlift

The Chinese Civil War

Fair Deal