Peoples Century Gr Leap questions

For Wednesday view the last part of the film/episode (about 20 mins) and answer questions 3-6.

For Friday (for review), and read and take notes on the following

1. the first part of the movie above/youtube

2. the article: Lynch and Mao_liberator_oppressor_reflection (if you haven’t already) and

2. p.183(bottom)-p.185 “Mao an assessment” (from the “old” Authoritarian and Single Party States textbook)

-take notes or use questions 1-2 from the first part of the youtube movie. You can also create a T-chart successes/failures OR positives/negatives of Mao’s rule.

ESSAY on Mao Tuesday 25/3  Thursday 27/4  (this is your last major assessment)

Tuesday 25/3: Review Mao + historiography  (read the article that I gave you on Mao)

By Tuesday 3 or 4 possible essay questions will appear here for the essay on Thursday…outline a response for each.