1. View the cartoons and answer the questions in the following ppt:  Political Cartoons

2. critically read the Options in Brief on page 24 of the Congo e-book. Then you will participate in a colored hat discussion.

3. You will then be assigned an option or appointed as an undecided MP. We will then discuss the directions for the simulation which are in my Classworks Outbox (Congo/1904 congo debate simulation): .

4. You will then critically read “your” option in the Congo e-book. You must highlight and annotate!

5. Work in groups to complete the following worksheets which are in the same 1904 congo debate simulation folder:

– Group Processes Form for Undecided MP’s

– Option Group’s Reflection and Feedback Form

The simulation will be next week and it will count as a Project grade.

HINTS on what to research outside the e-book:

Entente Cordial

Boer Wars

Opium Wars and spheres of influence in Asia

Indian Empire, British Raj

The India Salt Act of 1882

The Second British Empire (1783–1815)

The Second French colonial empire (1830–1960)