ANSWERS to Wizard of Oz/Election of 1896 matching:

9. F    10. E    11. K    12. H    13. B    14. M    15. G    16. N    17. D    18. J    19. I    20. A    21. C    22. L

Over break:

I.  read the chapter, complete all of the IDs,  and answer questions 1,3,4, and 5 – Ch.21 IDs & Ques

II. Everyone, except Tim, failed to answer the first question, i.e. “compare and contrast” 3 of the writers/reformers. So, you need to re-do the outline in a way that answers the question. Include: a full intro w/thesis, a topic sentence for each body paragraph, bullet point your evidence for each paragraph, and a concluding/linking sentence for each paragraph

-Emma, Charlotte, and Ramzy:  I am missing yours and will expect you to stay after school on Friday 7/2 or the Wednesday we return 19/2 so that you can finish them and to go over them with me  — Practice will not be accepted as an excuse. Next step: an e-mail home!

We will cover all of Chapter 21 first day back. Second day back: MC Quiz on Chs. 21-22 and Essay OR DBQ