I  am not feeling very well today, so here is the assignment:

1. Read the assigned docs and answer the questions below that go with this packet (I gave you a hard copy of this packet last week BTW): SOURCE_PACK-ORIGINS

a. p.3 “C: Between Yalta and Potsdam” ques. 1-3

b. p.4 “D: 1946” ques. 1 only

c. Read the docs on p. 5 “E: 1947” -you will use them to help you answer the questions in part 3

2. Read page one of the following handout: 11_Marshall_Aid (Page ONE only) AND view slides 24-36 (slides 1-24 we covered last class) on this ppt: The Cold War

3. Answer all of the questions at the bottom of the first page in the Marshall Aid handout, and questions 1-3 on slide 36 of the ppt.

4. On the previous blog entry I posted this historiography: OriginsCW Read up until the end of the first paragraph on p. 16 (scanned p.8): “William C. Bullit expressed this view succinctly when in 1948 he averred that America had won the war but lost the peace.”

-and identify the Orthodox, Revisionist and post-Revisionist arguments, as well as 1-2 historians that support each one, and briefly why or how (their evidence)

Tuesday: We will go over this, wrap up the origins of the Cold War, and I will return your essays and partial Paper Ones on the Chinese Civil War.

E-mail if there is an issue or problem.

have a good weekend!