in class Friday: Ch 17 Fill in the blanks

Debating the Past: Robberbarons? use this article to answer question #3 on the Ch.17 ques.

Chapter 18 IDs & Ques (IDs due Monday  27/1)

in class:  Ch18 Fill ins   Ch 18 Cities and Immigration  -ppt;  articles:  Italians   VaryingViewpoints on Industrialization and Boon or Blight

Ch 19 Cultural and Intellectual Project (Due Thursday 30/1) – you still need to read all of Ch19 on your own

The Expanding City and its features and problems -Charlotte & Ramzy

Leisure Activities and Sports -Emma

Colleges&Universities andProgressive Ed. – Frederick

The Know. Revolution -Tim

Rev. in the Social Sciences -Sarah

Law&History -Colin

Pragmatic Approach -Kate

Realism in Literature -Sam

Realism in Art -Marina

Presentations Thursday 30/1 & Sarah, Marina, and Kate on Monday 3/2

REMINDER: Flex Monday 27/1 !