Assignment for Thursday’s class: read and take notes in your textbook (“Causes, practices and effects of wars” by A. Dailey and S. Webb) on p.175-185 “The effects of the Second World War in Europe and north Africa” as well as answer the following questions:

1. What were the most significant border changes that occurred as a result of the war in Europe?

2. How did the 2nd WW affect world politics?

3. What is a “cold war”?  AND, when and how did a Cold War develop between the US and the USSR?

Also, make sure that in your notes or separately  to include the following (specifically a definition/explanation AND its significance or importance – for the first three include what was discussed and/or agreed upon…or discussed but not agreed upon):

Tehran Conference (p.155)

Yalta Conference

Potsdam Conference


Soviet satellite states

United Nations

Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

Berlin Blockade and Airlift


Again, don’t just give me a definition/explanation but also the significance or importance.