Use the DBQ on the global flow of silver that I handed out in class or download here: Silver DBQ

I. Introduction with a thesis that is clear, answers the question and identifies your groupings

II. Each body paragraph needs to include the following:

A. Topic Sentence (connected to the thesis/at least partially answers the question and remember this is YOUR argument/point)

B. Bullet point the evidence:  Origin of the source and in parentheses the Document #.  For example, “A Spanish priest Antonio Vasquez de Espinosa (Doc. 6)”

C. A concluding or linking sentence (How did you answer the question, or support the T/S or thesis with the evidence in this paragraph?)

III. 3 POVs that should be included after you have used the Doc as evidence.

IV. 1-2 Dream source statements. “An additional document that would help analyze the effects of the flow of silver would be….”

we will go over it in class Wednesday.

DBQ Rubric Generic