The Chinese Civil War and the Rise of Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party

Make a one page outline for each of the following essays and bring the outlines to class tomorrow. Your in-class essay will be on one of the following titles and you may keep your one page outline on the desk.

One page= Two sides.

Your outline should only contain:

    • Thesis statement
    • Three topic sentences for three paragraphs
    • Bullet points for evidence to be used to support topic sentence (in the form of key words or phrases not whole sentences)
  1. Analyse the methods used and conditions that helped in the rise to power of Mao Zedong. (HINT: how did the Reds led by Mao win the Chinese Civil War?)
  1. With reference to the Chinese Civil War, assess the impact of outside nations on (a) conduct and (b) the outcome of the war.
  1. Compare and contrast the causes and results of the Spanish and Chinese Civil Wars.

**Reminder: Partial Paper 1 as well.
***We ran out of time to go over the homework especially the OPVL question. So, I will be after school in the Open Classroom on the 2nd floor for anyone that wants to go over it, but will leave by 4:15 if no one shows up.

Next: For reasons that I will explain later we will leave Mao’s rule of China for after the Mock and instead focus on the Origins of the Cold War next.

Assignment for Thursday’s class: read and take notes in your textbook (“Causes, practices and effects of wars” by A. Dailey and S. Webb) on p.175-185 “The effects of the Second World War in Europe and north Africa” as well as answer the following questions:

1. What were the most significant border changes that occurred as a result of the war in Europe?

2. How did the 2nd WW affect world politics?

3. What is a “cold war”?  AND, when and how did a Cold War develop between the US and the USSR?

Also, make sure that in your notes or separately  to include the following (specifically a definition/explanation AND its significance or importance – for the first three include what was discussed and/or agreed upon…or discussed but not agreed upon):

Tehran Conference (p.155)

Yalta Conference

Potsdam Conference


Soviet satellite states

United Nations

Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

Berlin Blockade and Airlift


Again, don’t just give me a definition/explanation but also the significance or importance.