Historical Debate The CW Repressible or Irrepressible

1.  After the MC test today, read the excerpt from historian Paul Johnson and Why the South was doomed to lose

2. go to: http://www.activehistory.co.uk/Miscellaneous/menus/Year_9/american_civil_war/game/frameset.htm (user id and pw on the board) and play the game as either Lincoln or Davis or a 2 player game with someone else. Don’t do the worksheet just play the decision making game. We’ll start with this first day back!

Homework over the break: We have 2 Chapters left prior to the Mock – 14 on the Civil War  and 15 on Reconstruction. Over the break read BOTH chapters. Below are the IDs and Questions for both as well. I recommend that you:

i. read Chapter 14

ii. complete all of the IDs from – Chapter 14 CW IDs and Ques and answer questions 1 and 10 (only these 2 questions the others we will do together in class)

iii. read HALF of Chapter 15 (up to p.415)

iv. complete at least the first group of IDs that go with that half for the Wednesday we get back but all of the Chapter and IDs for Friday. Chapter 15 IDs and Ques

v. review for the MOCK EXAM on Saturday, January 11th in our classroom starting at 09:00 – don’t stress over this it is only 5% of your Semester 2 grade but review at least a little: notes, homework, powerpoints, historiography articles

vi. watch a movie about this time period:  Glory, Lincoln, Gone With the Wind…

So, the week we get back- Monday: finish the Civil War, Wednesday and Friday: Reconstruction

Happy New Year!