1. We will have a Socratic Seminar on Thursday to conclude this Unit: Socratic Seminar – Introduction

2. Here are the groups:

Group A: Carolina, Christine, Fynn, Robin, Larissa, Katerina

Group B: Ema, Alex, Lauren, Philip, Chris, Alexiane

3. Your group leader is in ITALICS

4. HOMEWORK: Using your textbook, handouts, notes, ppts, answer most of the following questions for Tuesday (so that you can prepare in your groups Tuesday):

Socratic Seminar Questions

-Level 1: ODDS – Group A, EVENS – Group B

-Level 2: have your leader choose any 2 questions from this level

-Level 3: ALL the questions in this level

5. For the rest of the class, your substitute will put on an episode called “Industry” from Andrew Marr’s History of the World. Please take relevant notes – it will help you with the Socratic Seminar.

6. Also, don’t forget about the Meiji questions posted on the previous entry, we will go over those Tuesday.