1. Read the following article on the historical debate over slavery (in addition to Ch. 12 that you should have already read):

What wast the True Nature of Slavery

2. Prepare for a debate on slavery, which will take place during our FLEX Monday. However, I will tell you MONDAY at the start of class which group you will be arguing for [FOR (pro-Slavery) or AGAINST slavery (an Abolitionist)]. So, prepare for both sides. I will give you only about 5 mins. to prepare with your group at the start of class Monday 🙂  So, again prepare/write down at least two arguments for BOTH sides. Do NOT work with others on this (They maybe on the other side MONDAY!)

NOTE: you will be arguing from a pre-Civil War point of view. In other words, you will pretend that this debate is taking place in the 1850s NOT from a present perspective.

3. question 4 on Ch.12 IDs and Ques.

4. Read Ch.13 and complete all of the IDs for Tuesday: Ch13 IDs and QuesThe Coming of the CW

5. MC Quiz Test Thursday on Chs. 11-13 and then we will look at the first half of Ch.14 (first half of the CW)

Have a good WEEKEND!