for class: Part 2 The Black Ships 2011   2 – Japan Perry II Part   3 Ryoma 2011   Part 4 The Meiji Restoration 2011  Part 5 Modernisation 2011

The Charter Oath activity  and Charter reforms and Changes in Govt – Tokugawa vs Meiji

Homework complete the following reading and questions in your textbook:

“Meiji Econ” and “Building a Modern Society Questions” Due Thursday F Blcok/D Block – Friday

and the rest by Monday (F) and Tuesday (D)

page 661 “Meiji Economics”

  1. How did the Meiji government stimulate  or trigger Japan’s industrial revolution?
  2. What was the Meiji strategy for protecting Japan against Western imperialism? Did it work?
  3. In 1870, what were Japan’s two main exports? Describe the “distinctive feature of the Meiji model of economic development.”
  4. Compare working class conditions in Japan and Europe during both countries’ industrial revolutions.

page 661 – 63 “Building A Modern Social Structure”

  1. Identify the changes to Japan’s Military, Education, and Society.

page 663 – 65 “Joining the Imperialist Club”

  1. What were Japan’s motives in acquiring colonies? In other words, why did they dominate other Asian nations?

page 667 – 68 “The Meiji Restoration: A Revolution from Above”

  1. How long did it take for the Japanese to industrialize?
  2. Explain the idea that the Meiji Restoration was a “revolution from above.”
  3. How was Japan “an amalgam of the old and new?”

page 668 “Conclusion”

  1.  How did geography help Japan to keep its independence against Western pressure?
  2.  What criteria did the Japanese use in borrowing foreign ideas and institutions?

Socratic Seminar Next week: Thursday -D block/Friday -F block  on Comparing the effects of western Imperialism on China and Japan