1. Choose partners 2 or 4

2. Choose one of the following common Paper 2 type of questions on the Second World War to prepare a visual essay for:

a. Define ‘total war’ and consider to what extent the 2nd WW was a total war? (2)

b. Assess the importance of technological developments in air and naval power in deciding the outcome of the 2nd WW in both the Asian and European regions. (2)

c. How did the role and status of women change during the 2nd WW? (consider – USA or Britain, Germany, Russia, and Japan or China)  (4)

-in ALL of these questions you should at some point identify something to briefly compare/contrast with the First World War (this can be part of your analysis).

3. Research and prepare a well organized and effective presentation (questions a+b – 10-12 mins/question c around 20 mins max) that answers your question. Include an interactive activity to share with your classmates and that will help them comprehend, analyze, review, and/or expand their knowledge on the issue.

NOTE: start with the information in your textbooks (bring them in Friday) then move on to articles on the database (like History Today).

Paper II Visual Essay on the Second World War