I will be out today, but my sub (Mr. Risch) will know what to do:

1. Mr. Risch will have copies of the Quiz (10-15 mins)

2. He has a movie for you to watch (just under 1 hour) after the Quiz. It is an episode from Andrew Marr’s History of the World. Watch the episode and answer the following questions: Andrew Marr Industry Ques for H10

3. If there is time left please start the homework (the textbooks – use the soft cover text –  are in the left hand corner of the window sil). Questions 1-6 of Part II are due Thursday: Reading Questions on China (NOTE: you have already answered Part I scroll down to part II. Again the questions go with the pages in the soft cover version of your text)

NOTE: if there is a problem with the movie or something just work on the homework (#3).

See you Thursday!