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Reminder: Monday is our FLEX! BUT the IDs for Ch9 are still due Tuesday.

Ch. 8 – Transportation Proj Groups to be presented on Monday:

Topics/Questions for Chs. 8 Project

Tim & Ramzy:

  •  (p.225-231)Describe the process by which America, a land of farmers and artisans, created an industrial labor force. Include: Where did they come from? Relations between workers and employers? Living and working conditions of these workers. Irish and German immigration

Charlotte & Marina:

  • (p.232-234) Explain Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and its effects. Including, on the emergence of the cotton culture in the South, and the revival of slavery after 1800.

Frederic & Sarah:

  • (p.234-241)Trace the evolution of America’s transportation revolution. Include: modes of transportation and their effects/impact.   Erie Canal


  • (p.241-243) How did Supreme Court decisions at this time promote economic development in early 19th century America? Include: Dartmouth College v. Woodward, McCullough v. Maryland, Gibbons v. Ogden, Charles River Bridge Case.

The presentations:

Colin: Marshall Court   Charlotte & Marina:  Cotton, Cotton Gin and Slavery

Tim & Ramzy’s was shared as a google doc. but I have not received Sarah & Frederic’s

Chapter 8 MC ACTIVITY (to be completed in class with a partner AFTER the presentations NOT prior to)