Ch6GroupProj on Jefferson’s Presidency

Over the break:

1. Work with your partners on the project…e-mail each other, call, text, skype, google doc, whatever (Tim – you are in a group with Ramzy and Colin)

*Don’t forget about the interactive activity!*

2. Everyone but Tim and Kate need to re-do their outlines for the DBQ (if you get stuck do the best you can and ask me questions during our first class back)

3. read Ch.6 – no IDs but you should take some notes as you read so that you understand what the other groups are presenting and to ask questions if you didn’t understand something

4. begin reading Ch7 – Chapter 7 Part I IDs they  are not due until Tuesday (29th Oct.)

Plan for the first two weeks after break:

Weds: work on Group Projects and I will meet with each one of you ( 1-1) to discuss your last essay on the AmRev and the DBQ outline on the Articles of Confederation

Friday: Presentations

Tuesday: Chapter 7 (only 2/3 of the Chapter)

Thursday (31st of Oct.) : MC test on Chapts 5, 6 and part of 7, as well as an  essay or DBQ

Have a great break!