Period 2 – Africa and the America – group project (UPDATED 8/10)

1. Read the appropriate pages in the textbooks (Come and see me for a copy of the Stearns text – Strayer is the one you already have)

2. Communicate with your group members

3. Be prepared to put the project together with your group members on Tuesday (after we cover Chapter 5)

4. Be prepared to present (10-12mins max – including the activity – per group) on Thursday

Homework over the break:  Study for a Test (MC and a compare/contrast essay) on Chapters 3-6 (yes, this includes the presentations that cover Ch.6) that will be on the FIRST day back from break – Wednesday, Oct. 5th


Bantu presentation

Maya and Teotihuacan

The Peoples to the North

The rest I shared with you on google docs, right? Someone e-mail me if I forgot one of the presentations.