1. Read p.109-113 in text and answer “Big Picture” questions (Mr. D will have the copies)

-you have only 20-25 mins to read answer the questions, so do NOT waste time

-please hand in your responses to Mr. D when done (it is not a Quiz but a required assignment)

-those done early can start filling in the chart on Classical Civs: Classical Civilizations – Table Blank with what you learned from reading Chapter 3

2. You will watch an episode from Andrew Marr’s History of the World on the Empires that were in the Chapter 3

-Continue filling in the chart as you watch the film

-Homework: Complete the chart and questions 1,2, and 4 from Chapter 3 Eurasian Empires IDs&Ques


REMINDER: Monday we will continue working on the practice DBQ on Sparta & Athens. So, remember to have completed your introductions with a thesis statement, and outlines with topic sentences (see previous blog with the complete directions)


Have a great weekend!