Essays on Stalinism

5y Plans Agriculture v Industry

For Tuesday: Use the 5-year Plan Succeses and Failures/Weaknesses handout and identify if Industry under the 5 Yr plan was a success or failure? Why or why not?

Homework: Great Terror (Purges)  read the first 12 pages of the scan (up to but NOT including “Document exercise: Images of Stalin”), you can also skip the two pages with sources on “Who Killed Kirov?” (we may do this in class). And answer the following questions or take notes on them as you read:

1. What are/were the “purges”? When and why were there repeated “purges” in the Soviet Union?

2. What was some of the real opposition to the regime in the 1930s?

3. Who was Sergei Kirov and what happened to him? What was the NKVDs “findings” after their investigation into his death?

4. Who were some of the leading figures in the regime that were put on trial and why?

5. What was the “Great Purge” and why did it happen?

6. Was Stalin responsible for the purges? Why or why not?

Up to “Who Killed Kirov?” Sources Activity and questions 1-3 by Tuesday and the rest for Thursday.