1.   Ch.21 IDs & Ques: The Age of Reform (a.k.a. The Progressive Era)

-Reading and IDs due Wednesday (first day back)/Questions due Friday

-regular class: remaining History Geek Booths, return/go over Ch.17-18,20 Test and DBQ

-after school session: start Ch. 21 (no whinning!)

-Friday (2nd day back): Quiz on Ch. 19 (review materials from presentations/History Geek booths) and then we will continue going over Ch. 21

-the following week (most likely on Tuesday) there will be an in-class DBQ in relation to Ch.21

2. Reflections for the book that you are reading (Project Grade) due Tuesday, February 26th (I will set up a drop box linked to mydropbox.com in my zoodle)

Directions/Rubric (on the 2nd page): Reflection

3. Go see LINCOLN! I am afraid that by the time we return from break that only the German version will be still out in the theaters (so no field trip 😦

4. Have a restful and enjoyable break!