Sorry guys I am still sick 😦   so here is your assignment:

1. Divide up into groups of 3-4 (no more, no less) to complete all of the following assignments. Also, get out of the closet the “blue” Western Civilizations (Volume 2) textbooks and share them.

2. Complete the following map questions: Africa Asia Imperialism Map Questions

3. In these same groups, together outline the following DBQ: dbq_essay_impacts_of_new_imperialism (1)

a. Group or categorize the docs. I want to see your groupings or categories and what docs you put under each one.

b. Together in your groups write an intro that includes a thesis that is well developed, clear and addresses all areas of the prompt/question.

c. Outline the rest of the DBQ with 2-4 topic/main idea sentences and list the relevant docs that you would use to support each one.

d. Write out a complete POV on two of the docs.

e.  Write out a  complete dream source statement.

f. Save the complete outline on your tablets and print out one copy for me so that I can collect it Thursday and look it over (it will count as a Homework assignment)

4. Make sure to finish the Ch.20 questions for next class.

Good luck and e-mail me if there are questions.