See Project directions and rubric for visual essay (ppt):

Ch. 19 Cultural Intellectual Project & Rubric

Rubric for History Geek “Booth” Project: Presentation Rubric Speed Geeking  (Remember: a Handout or electronic copy is required for this one)

What has been assigned already:

  1. “Leisure Activities and Sports” (p.501-504 – in Ch. 18) -Ryan, Rachel, Cat
  2. Education:  “Colleges and Universities” (p. 512-514) and/or  “Progressive Education” (516) -Emily and Sylvie
  3. Search for Knowledge:
    1. “Revolution in the Social Sciences” (p.514-516) -Nick
    2. “Law and History” (p.516&518) -Sam
    3. “The Pragmatic Approach” (523&526) -Seya
    4. “The Knowledge Revolution” (p.526-528) -Suryaveer and Alex(?)
  4. Realism:
    1. In Literature (p.518-521) -Kaela and Matt
    2. In Art (p. 521-523) -Eva and Anna

So, what’s left?  help Suryaveer with the “Knowledge Revolution”

I still haven’t heard from Alex!?!

Due: Wednesday, February 6th (presentations will go on into afternoon session)

NOTE: Friday, February 8th TEST on Chapters 17-20