Chapter 19 IDs & Ques

In class ppts: Ottoman Empire and Qing China for AP and Japan

Fill in the blanks(1-25) activity for the Japan ppt: Japan

4 Questions for the Primary Source: The Charter Oath of the Meiji Restoration (on the last page of fill in the blank activity):      1. What is the purpose of the Charter Oath?  2. Identify the aims/goals of the new government as presented in the Charter Oath.    3. What do you think was meant by #4, specifically: “evil customs of the past” and “just laws of nature”?

Podcast on China: Podcast on China Activity listen to it for tomorrow’s class and take notes using the chart/answering the questions (it’s only 7 minutes and he is a good historian and journalist)

Article on China and Japan: Separate Paths of China and Japan

FRIDAY Room CHANGE: Friday we are in Room 102!

Homework: Chapter 20 IDs and Questions – Colonial Encounters- Ways of the World (Reading and all the IDs due Monday/questions Wednesday)

TEST next Monday! (MC on Chapters 19 and 20/Essay OR DBQ on all of Period 5)