Since I am out sick today you will have to organize this on your own the best you can, but I have all the faith in the world in you 🙂

1. Exchange your DBQ on “Slaveries” (you can do it by e-mail or google doc or print it out) with two of your classmates.

2. Read the two DBQs that you received and mark them FOR WEDNESDAY.  Include a brief comment on each or most areas in the rubric. Here is a version of the rubric: DBQ Rubric

If you have questions or unsure ask me Wednesday. For now, just do the best you can reading and marking them to hand back on Wednesday with a mark and comments.

3. Chapter 16 IDs and questions 1,2, and 4 due Wednesday as well:Chapter 16 IDs and Questions – Religion and Science- Ways of the World

Wednesday: 1. we will exchange DBQs and discuss the process and what you learned from it AND what you learned from the docs as well. 2. Go over Chapters 14-15 IDs and any questions. 2. We will start Chapter 16

Thursday:  finish going over Chapter 16 and review for the Mock on Saturday.

There will NOT be a test on Chapters 14-16  but the content will be on the Mock Exam.

Questions? e-mail me.

Have a great day!