Tuesday – Test on Chapters 3&4 (40 MC questions and 1 in-class essay)

Wednesday – Articles of Confederation (using a DBQ – we will start work on it in class and you will write it at home to hand in on Tuesday)

HOMEWORK: for Wednesday’s lesson on the Articles of Confederation, please read p.144 and answer question 1 in the following: Ch5 Ids&Ques. The rest of it is due next Tuesday

If the link for #1 is not working try http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072879130/student_view0/chapter6/where_historians_disagree.html and just note the historians and their disagreements.

Take a look at this  before/while working on the DBQ:  Excerpts from the Articles of the Confederation

The DBQ that we will  be using in class: AofConfDBQ

NOTE Change:  Homework for Chapter 5 is still due Tuesday but the DBQ is due Wednesday

Friday (Sept. 21) – No class PEACE FOR ONE DAY activities

Good luck!