Asian Final Project[1]

Block A: In my absence (Monday, May 14th), 1) take the quiz on Modern Thailand which is on my desk   2) work on the Final Project- I will be checking my g-mail ( periodically so e-mail me questions or problems and I will try and respond ASAP. You should know by now who you are working with (or alone) and some idea of what you would like to research. If you have trouble coming up with a question (and everyone should have a research question) at least figure out an event or person or time period in a country and start looking for resources. Before the end of the period, I would like an e-mail with the following: a) are you working alone or with a partner (groups should be no more than two – and if that is the case then your presentation should be 15-20 mins)  b) what is your research question or at least a specific topic or event. Remember it’s 20% of the Semester grade!!