Using   and/or the textbook Studies of  Asia complete the following chart

Asia 1945-76 Chart

Block A (chart “in progress”): BlockA_Asia1945-76Chart (complete and updated May 8th 08:55)

Homework:  1) read Thailand’s Power Stuggles 1946-1976

2) a. Using the completed chart “Asia 1945-1976” and the above reading, identify two important events or crises or movements in Thailand (b/w 1946 and 1976) and explain how they are connected or effected or caused by an event, crises, or conflict outside of Thailand/in the world at the time.   

b. Why was it so difficult to reach a compromise between the different groups in Thai society between 1973 and 1976? Use specific examples from the reading to support your response.

c. Read the quotes/assessments on p. 10 about Phibun and Pridi. Using the reading and your own knowledge, which quote do you agree with more and why? Support your response with specific examples.