Read p. 136-142 in your textbook “As it was Lived” and answer the following questions:

1. What specifically happened in Manchuria (China) in 1931 and in Abyssinia (Ethiopia/Northeast Africa) in 1935?

2. How did the international community react (the world and/or League of Nations and/or specific countries) in both cases?

3. What were the results and/or consequences and/or effects of both of the events on the countries involved and/or the world community?

4. What happened in Spain in 1936 and 1937? And, how did each of the following react or get involved: a. Britain, France, U.S.; b. Germany and Italy; c. U.S.S.R.; d. the League of Nations?

5. Using p. 139-142 identify actions taken by Hitler/NAZI Germany that proved that they were rearming beyond the limits of the Treaty of Versailles? Identify atleast 2 specific actions.

For the next lesson:  Manchuria and Abyssina ppt: Man&Abyss.ppt (Note: this is a ppt that I use in my IB class so we will NOT cover everything nor complete the activities or tasks).