Ancient City Project: AncCityFTProj

Block H:  After taking the test today (Monday), read the directions for the project (see above) and look for partner(s). On Wednesday we will go over the project, I will approve groups, and take questions. Then, we will start reading about Thai History from the following file:

History Of Thailand big file

and answering questions that go along with the reading: ThaiHistoryQuesModified

Block A: Due to the Townhall meeting on Tuesday, you will take the test Thursday. However, before Thursday read the directions for the project and at least attempt to find partner(s) BY THURSDAY! After the test (on Thursday), we will go over the project and I will approve groups.

By MONDAY (the day of the trip) you must have read at least up to p.14 in the History of Thailand file above. If you do not do the reading then you will have a very difficult time on the trip and working on the project that day (in other words, you will not only be “lost” on the field trip but for the project as well). So, READ! Questions on the reading are due on Wednesday (the next class after the trip).

BOTH Blocks: I will give time in class ( at least one day) to work on the project- probably next week.

Come and see me or e-mail me if you have any questions.

OF INTEREST: burma-siam wars

Thai History Questions Part2: ThaiHistoryQuesPt2