Read p. 24-29 in the textbook and (for additional help) Secs 11-13 in russia in rev and war[1] and to complete the following questions and chart:

1. Identify the following (who or what they are AND importance significance):

Land Reform Decree/Treaty of Brest-Litovsk/CHEKA/Leon Trotsky/War Communism

2. After the Bolshevik coupe (October Revolution 1917), to what extent did things change from (as the textbook says): “bad old days” during the Tsar?

3. a. The elections for the Constituent Assembly took place in November 1917, as planned  for by the Provisional Government (results on October Revolution ppt – slide 1). Why do you think the Bolsheviks got rid of it? And, how similar or how different was the Congress of the Soviets that replaced it?

4. Complete the following chart by cutting and pasting from the word bank below the chart (supporters, geographic locations, and actions) into the appropriate location in the chart (for the Reds or Whites). Then explain how each helped the Reds win or the Whites lose (3rd column)?


5. Overall, do you think it was the advantages/strengths of the Reds that they won the civil war OR was it the weaknesses/disadvantages of the Whites that led to their loss?