Here is the Project that all of the 9th grade Modern World students are working on (even your friends in Mr. Rob’s, Mr. Ron’s, Mr. Daniel’s and Mr. Brian’s classes):

Russian Revolution Story Board Assignment[1]

Remember to use russia in rev and war[1] scan and websites like and

And, we will be going over the 1905 and 1917 (February and October) Revolution’s in class.

Revolution of 1905 ppt: Revolt1905

February 1917 Revolution ppt: February1917Revolution and the in-class activity worksheet: The February Revolution

October 1917 Revolution in-class worksheet: 1917-fill ins  ppt: OctoberRev

Short outline of the Russian Revolutions (1905-1917): russian revolution

Reminder (Next Week):

1. Multiple Choice QUIZ on the Russian Revolutions (1905, Feb and Oct 1917):  Tuesday (Block I)/Wednesday (Blocks G and J)

2. Story board and individual reflections (Project) due Thursday (Block I) and Friday (Blocks G and J)