1. Read articles 13.2 and 13.3 in the EUROPE text.

2. Questions: i. Why did Stalin want to take over Eastern Europe (you may have to look back to article 13.1 and/or do some research on your own to answer this – see the “Starting the CW” handout as well)

ii. p. 397 (in the EUROPE text) question 1.

iii. Briefly summarize the Berlin Airlift. And, what impact did it have on the Cold War?

NOTE: Paper 1 Test – Wednesday of next week.

HLs:  tomorrow we will go over the historiography on the origins of the CW (make sure you have read the scan from the McCauley text – OriginsCW) and you will have a PP2 or PP3 essay test on Thursday that will ask you to use that historiography.

Ne and Jade: get me your response to the question on the back of the wkst from the primary docs activity from last Weds. (remember its a Quiz grade out of 8 pts to be marked like a final question on a PP1) AND don’t forget to see me about today’s class that you missed.