I hope that ALL of you are safe and dry!

Due to the school closing, you will need to rely on this blog to get your assignments. Also, you can always e-mail me at mrdanbx@gmail.com.

Below are your assignments by class. Please, let others know as well.

ASIAN STUDIES-  1. Email me your tests at mrdanbx@gmail.com , but please make sure you put “China Test” and your nickname and block in the subject line.

2. Open the link and follow the directions  Japan Map Assignment .  Email me OR Mr. Matt (matthewm@rism.ac.th) if you have any questions.

TOK- finish working on your TOK essays

IB History- use the time to finish your IA’s (check this blog on Thursday because I will have an assignment posted)

Modern World History- Go to http://www.activehistory.co.uk   Login: aasmoscow  PW: activehistory     Go to “Other History Resources”  Scroll and click “Search by Topic/Period”  then scroll down and click “World War One: Course and Consequence”   Click “Life in the Trenches”

Download the worksheet and fill it out as you go through the online activity. Do the best you can, we will go over it in class next week. e-mail me or post any questions that you may have.

Your propaganda posters are in school so do not expect them to be graded until some time after school starts again.


NOTE to ALL: it is more important to me that you stay safe and dry. However, I do expect you to complete your assignment to the best of your ability. E-mail if you are not capable of doing your assignment.

Also, check back on Thursday (Asian and IB History especially) as there may be a new post/assignment.

That’s all for now….